3 Things To Let Your Roof Truss Setting Service Know When Setting Up Your Appointment

2 December 2019
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If you are planning on having trusses installed on your home sometime soon, you will probably need to work with a roof truss setting service so that you can have them installed. When you call to set up this appointment, you will probably need to answer a few questions. These are some of the tidbits of information that you will probably need to provide when making this phone call.

1. When Your Trusses Will Be Delivered

First of all, make sure that you make arrangements with the company that is making and delivering your roof trusses. After all, you will probably want to have your roof trusses installed on your home as soon as you can, but you also don't want your roof truss setting crew to arrive only to find that the roof trusses aren't there yet.

2. How Big Your Trusses Are

Trusses come in different sizes, depending on the size of the home that the roof is being installed on. You should provide measurements of your trusses, if possible, so that you can get an accurate price quote for roof truss setting services and so that the crew that arrives will be prepared to work with roof trusses of the size that you are having installed.

3. How Tall Your Home Is

When planning on the right crane for the project, the crew who works for your roof truss setting service will probably need to know how tall your home is. After all, for a multi-level home, a taller crane might be needed than for a one-story home. If possible, provide measurements of the height of your home for the best results. Then, you can make sure that your crew has the appropriate crane for the job so that there are no delays with having your roof trusses installed.

Choosing roof trusses for the top of your home is a good idea in many cases. Then, you can ensure that your home's roof has a sturdy foundation, and you can speed up the construction and roof installation process a lot, too. To help make sure that the process of having your roof trusses installed works out well, make sure that you mention the three things above when making arrangements with a roof truss setting service. Depending on the company that you work with, you may have to answer additional questions to ensure that your crew is prepared and that everything goes well when it's time to install the roof trusses on top of your home.