Three Reasons To Get Electrical Outlets Installed Inside Your Bathroom Drawers

30 July 2018
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If you have a goal of making your home more functional, an electrician can often help you out. There's a nearly endless list of tasks that an electrician can perform for you to improve your home, whether it's installing dimmer switches in your bedroom or radiant floor heating in your bathroom. Where the bathroom is concerned, a variety of projects may be on your to-do list. One thing that you might not have considered is having electrical outlets installed inside the drawers below your bathroom sink. Typically installed at the back of the drawer, this project can be beneficial for the following reasons.

Less Shock Risk

Ground fault circuit interrupters and modern-day electrical devices make the likelihood of getting a serious shock in your bathroom low, but there's always a risk. When you use something such as a curling iron or hair dryer that is plugged into an outlet above the sink, the cord may drag through the sink and it's possible that you could drop the device into a water-filled sink, resulting in a shock or, at the very least, a major fright. An electrical outlet installed at the back of the bathroom drawer means that your devices' cords won't drag across the sink where they could potentially harm you.

Time Savings

If you're the type of person who is constantly rushing in the morning, you want to find methods of saving even a few seconds here and there. Electrical outlets in your bathroom drawers can definitely save you time. Without these outlets, you're constantly getting out your devices and plugging them in, and then putting them away when you're done. With your new setup, you can leave your hair dryer, curling iron, beard trimmer, and other similar devices plugged in at all times. This means that you can simply remove the device and start using it right away.

Tidier Countertop

People often have a habit of leaving their small bathroom devices sitting on the countertop, which adds clutter and decreases the visual appeal of this part of your home. You may be inclined to leave things out if you're fed up with wasting time putting them away wherever they live after each use. You won't have this problem with outlets in your bathroom drawers. Setting the items into the drawers is just as easy as setting them on the counter, but will leave you with a neat and tidy countertop.

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