3 Hazards Of Outdated Wiring That You Will Want To Have A Professional Electrician Repair

19 December 2017
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Many house fires are started by outdated electrical wiring, which can short and cause sparks that ignite fires. There are other hazards that could cause electrical shock and injury if you have outdated wiring in your home. It is important that you have your household wiring inspected and repaired by an electrical professional to ensure your home or safety is not in danger. Here are some of the hazards of outdated electrical wiring that you want to be aware of in your home:

1. Poor Service and Outdated Electrical Breaker Boxes That Could Start Fires

In older homes, the service of electrical systems may be outdated and too small for modern household electricity needs. If you have an old fuse box, it may be time to contact a high-voltage electrical contractor to change it to breakers. If there are not enough outlets for the electrical appliances and devices you use in your home, you may also want to have them upgrade the service. Talk with them about replacing old analog electrical meters with new digital meters for improved efficiency for your electrical service upgrades.

2. Old Wiring with Poor Insulation or Wear That Could Cause Hazards of Shorts

Shorts, or short circuits, happen when negative and positive electrical currents make contact. These shorts are a danger because they can start electrical fires if there are flammable materials near them, such as wood and paper that is often in the walls of residential construction. Have an electrical contractor inspect the type and condition of the electrical wiring in your home to ensure that it is safe and that short circuits are not a risk in your home.

3. Old Electrical Installations without Modern Ground Protection Systems

Another hazard that is common in homes with older electrical installations is poor or no-ground fault protection. In homes that were built in the mid-twentieth century, the outlets and lighting may not have a ground wire at all. In addition, even homes that are a little newer may not have GCFI outlets. These special GCFI outlets are what protect you from electric shock in your kitchen and bathroom, where moisture is present. If you do not have grounded outlets or GCFI in areas where water is present, have an electrical contractor update these features in your home.

These are some of the hazards of outdated wiring that will require the help of a professional electrician to repair. If your household electrical wiring is decades old, call an electrician and have them help with the needed repairs. To learn more, talk to companies like Motor Shop Electrical Construction Co.