Helpful Information About Electrical Arcing In A Building

5 April 2016
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Are you puzzled as to why the electronics in your business always need repairs or to be replaced? The root of the problem may be in relation to what is called electrical arcing, which requires fast attention from an electrician because your building might catch on fire if not. Take a look at the article below for helpful information about electrical arcing so you will know the importance of getting the problem fixed. 

What is Electrical Arcing?

When arcing takes place, it is due to electricity flowing through the wires the wrong way. For instance, rather than flowing through the wires and going directly through the outlets to power your electronics up, electricity jumps between conductors. Basically, jumping between conductors leads to a high amount of volts that causes the wires to overheat. The overheated wires can then cause the electronics in your business to short-circuit and need frequent repairs or replacements. One of the common types of damage that arcing can cause is melted power cords that are plugged inside of outlets.

What Causes Electrical Arcing to Happen?

There are various things that can cause electrical arcing to happen, such as if your business is conducted in an old building that has bad wiring. For instance, the wires may not have been replaced in a long time and have become frayed. Even if the wires are not damaged, they might not be sufficient enough to handle the power of modern electronics. Another thing that leads to electrical arcing is small wires in outlets. The only way to know what is causing the problem is to hire an electrician to perform an inspection.

What Kind of Repair Might Be Required for Electrical Arcing?

If the outlets have damaged or small wires that are unable to handle your electrical equipment, an electrician will simply have to rewire them. He or she might only need to rewire a few of the outlets if they are the only ones that are affected by electrical arcing, but in the worst case scenario, you will need to get the entire building rewired for handling modern power demands. The electrical panel might need to undergo an upgrade, especially if it has never undergone one before and the building is old. Consider getting an electrical sub-panel installed as well. Make an appointment with an electrician (such as one from Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc) as soon as you are able to so an inspection and repairs can be done.