Top Reasons Why Baseboard Heat May Be Right For You

25 December 2015
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Are your feet always cold when you're at home? Does it seem like the floor is always freezing, no matter what the temperature on the thermostat says? Even when your furnace is working as efficiently as possible, it can still seem quite cold inside. Fortunately for you, it doesn't have to stay that way. Here are some reasons why installing baseboard heat may be just what you need:

Quiet: With old radiator systems, there can be knocking or hissing if the pressure in the system is incorrect. A forced air system has its own set of possible noises that can occur when the system is running. But with baseboard heat there are no fans needed to circulate the warm air. Instead, a baseboard heater takes advantage of the fact that warm air rises and cool air sinks. When on, the heater will warm the cold air near the floor, causing it to rise to the ceiling. Taking advantage of physics like this means that the heaters can be used even when people are trying to sleep.

Even heating: If your rooms feel quite warm from the waist up, but cold from your belt downwards, your current heating system obviously doesn't heat very efficiently. Many homes have the heater vents near the top of a room, with a single centrally located return vent that is also near the ceiling. Unfortunately, filling your rooms with warm air from the top down, and reheating already warm air, can mean that there can be a significant temperature difference between the thermostat on the wall and the floor at your feet. With baseboard heat, you're not fighting against physics. Instead of heating and reheating the same already-warm air over and over again, the heater will warm the coldest air first.

Supplemental heating: Discussion about adding a new heating system to your home usually means that you'll be ripping out your old furnace and replacing it with a different type. However, for reasons already discussed, this may not actually lead to much improvement. Baseboard heat can be installed throughout your home or just in the areas that need it the most. For example, you may have a picture window that is beautiful to look at, but that also radiates cold in the winter. Installing a baseboard heater beneath the window can help lessen the impact of the uninsulated window, allowing you to enjoy the room once again.

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