2 Easy Lighting Changes to Transform a Your Restaurant

23 December 2015
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There are a lot of aspects of a restaurant that make it successful as a whole, but when you start breaking things down, the appeal and functionality of the building is easily a prime component. This is especially true when it comes to commercial lighting. Too many restaurant owners put a lot of funding into creating a building that works, but don't give enough attention to how well it works. Just by making a few key lighting changes in the restaurant that you own, you will see a dramatic difference in not just how well the business can function, but how well it caters to your customers. 

Install Mood Lighting in the Dining Area 

The dining area is a good place to keep lighting low key, if not in every area, at least in some areas like corner booths or more secluded dining tables for cozy couples. For this reason, it is nice if you have the ability to adjust the lighting in the dining area of your restaurant. By having a commercial electrician install a programmable dimming switchboard and making a few lighting fixture changes, you can offer alterations in available lighting with the touch of a button. This can be useful to cater to customer requests, but also to make the transition from morning service to evening dinner, as dim lighting may not be desirable throughout the day. 

Make Changes to the Kitchen Lighting 

The kitchen of your restaurant may be in a separate sector of the building, but it is likely visible at some point in the dining or service area. Customers who do get a glimpse of the kitchen will get a good impression if the area appears well-it and clean. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the lighting in the kitchen bright with cool-burning LEDs. These lights distribute radiance evenly to light everything in an equal manner, eliminating shaded ares and shadowing to a degree. Therefore, just the use of LED bulbs can transform the kitchen space in the eyes of a customer. Additionally, cool-burning LEDs mean a better quality light for people cooking in the kitchen. 

Before you delve into making giant changes in the way your restaurant building is designed, make sure you take a few minutes to consider small changes that could make big differences like the lighting. Talk to commercial electricians like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc for more information about commercial lighting changes you could make to improve your business space.