3 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind Before Doing Any Electrical Work In Your Home

16 December 2015
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If you are about to embark on a home improvement or repair task in your home that involves your electrical system, you will obviously want to make safety a priority. But if you are a novice electrician, you may not realize there is a lot more to consider than just remembering to turn the power off in the room you are working in. The safest way to ensure the electrical problem gets fixed would be to hire an electrical contractor, but if you insist on trying to do it yourself, keep these tips in mind.

Use Insulated Tools

The basic toolkit you have in the garage may not be the best thing for you to use if the job is electrical in nature. Professional electricians use tools with insulation added to provide some protection if something goes wrong and a shock occurs. Head to the local home improvement store and make sure the tools you need for the job are insulated. Of course, you may find that having to buy new tools would make the job more expensive than just hiring a contractor that already has them on hand.

Use A Wood or Fiberglass Ladder

Steel and aluminum can attract electricity. If you are standing on a ladder made out of one of these materials and a shock occurs, the electricity could move right through you on the way to the ground. A wood or plastic  ladder that does not conduct electricity is the kind you want.

Don't Get Creative

While you may be used to cutting corners on some home improvement jobs to save money, cutting corners on electrical jobs can be dangerous. For example, clipping off a third prong to try and get it to fit into a different kind of outlet is never a good idea. Extension cords should only be used when there is no other option and don't ever put the wires underneath the carpet to keep them out of view as this could cause a fire hazard. Avoid overloading your outlets, try to put only one high-wattage device into an outlet at the time. When working with electric it's important for your safety to do everything by the book.

If your home has electrical work that needs done, make sure you have the right tools for the job if doing it yourself. Use insulated tools and never use a steel or aluminum ladder while touching electrical work. Use basic common sense and don't try to MacGyver a solution by doing something risky. If in doubt, there's nothing wrong with hiring professional help. It's better to spend a little money than to put your health at risk. Additional reading can be found here.