Sneaky Signs Of HVAC Problems That Really Stink And Their Likely Causes

9 December 2015
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When you step into your home after a long day out and about in the cold, you fully expect when the door swings open that the heat that greets you will be not only warm and inviting, but fresh smelling. Unfortunately, there are occasional issues that can come up that will make the heat that is radiating through the vents in your home anything but welcoming. Having an HVAC system that provides you with stench along with the heat is easily going to be one of the more frustrating problems you can experience. Thankfully, with a little guidance, you should be able to track down the source of the odors and eliminate them.

Does the heater smell like stinky gym socks?

If what is pushing through the ducts at your house smells similar to those socks you left in the gym bag last week, it is definitely not a good sign, and definitely not a welcoming experience. The smell may radiate through the entire house or just be oddly contained to one room. Either way, there is no doubt you will be itching to track down the problem. A mildew odor is usually a sign that moisture has manged to get inside of the heat system, whether it is in the ducts or the HVAC unit itself, and has been allowed to sit long enough to stale and sour.

To get rid of a mildew smell, the key is to find the source of the moisture and get rid of it, but you will also have to thoroughly clean the inside of the nit or the ducts to completely get rid of the smell. This is a task that most homeowners choose to leave to an HVAC technician for the simple fact that there will be some disassembly required.

Is the heater funneling a putrid ammonia smell through the house?

The smell of ammonia radiating from an HVAC system is a telltale sign that you have a pest problem. You may not see them, you may not even hear them, but of mice and rodents get into your home, the first thing that a lot of people notice is the odor that they cause. Rodents frequently make their way inside of outdated ductwork and use the insulative material to build nests. Mice can easily drop 50–60 feces pellets a night and urinate frequently as a way to communicate. Therefore, if you have a pest problem within your ductwork, there is a good chance that the ducts will have to be removed and replaced, plus, you are going to need an exterminator.

If you believe that there is something sneaky going on with your HVAC system that is causing foul odors, make sure you contact a professional for advice. An HVAC repair professional like DCS Inc. can either offer you sound advice or help you track down the problem.