3 Bakery Lighting Changes That Will Improve The Way Customers See Your Business

7 December 2015
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The sweet treats, confectionary creations, and delectable delights that you bring forth in your bakery may do a lot of advertising all by themselves, but there are always key improvements that you can make to a bakery atmosphere that will improve the way that you do business. This is especially true when it comes to the lighting that you have in your bakery service area. If you want to encourage your customers to see your bakery products in an entirely different light, there are three changes that can do just that. 

Cool-burning LED lighting in pastry cases makes all the difference. 

The pastry cases that your customers view are a direct reflection of your bakery and perhaps the one area in your bakery where customers will interact the most. Make sure that pastry cases are clearly illuminated, eliminating shadows and dark areas so that customers can see the cleanliness of the area where your fresh pastries are kept. LED lighting is ideal because it does not radiate heat that can melt pastries and it evenly distributes light across uneven surfaces. 

Set a spotlight on the true talent and creativity of your business. 

If you are like a lot of bakery owners, one of the vital components of your business is your ability to offer creative and artistic cakes to the public. Showing off cake displays is the easiest way to get your customers to see just how talented your cake decorators are and what they can offer. Make sure that any cake displays that you have set up take center stage. Simple spotlights can be adjusted to illuminate the displays and catch your customers' attention when they walk in the door. 

Create an alluring showcase with recessed showcase lighting. 

Installing recessed showcase lighting over a cake case is a wonderful way to make the showcase appear alluring. With the soft lighting behind the cakes that you have for sale in the case, customers won't be able to not look at what you have available. Recessed lighting can be small enough to not take up a lot of space and still be effective at offering a soft glow to the crowning jewel in your bakery.

With just a few small changes, you could easily see a dramatic difference in how customers react to your product when they walk into your bakery. Talk to a commercial electrician, like those at Conway Electric, for more ideas about how your bakery lighting can transform your business.