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"After repeated Research on Hair Loss I Decided that Laser Treatment was the Answer to my Prayers. After many months of Research I have Found The most Cost effective Solution On the Planet. The Laser Wand!" This Amazing Wand Houses the Latest FDA Approved Rapid Fire Cold Beam Lasers Manufactured Today. The Wand Housing is Constructed of High Impact Polyvinyl Chloride. This unit is then Powered by State of the Art UL Approved AC / DC Adapters all tested THREE Times during Assembly.

The Lasers and Power Pack meet or exceed Industry Standards and are Designed to last for Many Years. THE GOOD STUFF: If You Arrived at this Site You have Done Some Research on the Web about Low Level Light Therapy. While the Far East and Most of Europe have Understood the Benefits of LLL Therapy , Laser Treatments in the states are in Very Early Development . Most Hair Transplant Clinics now Recommend a LLLT treatment during Hair follicle placement. The 650-675nm Wave Length of the cold Beam lasers in The Laser Wand has proven to regenerate and stimulate the Hair root Into producing New, Thicker Hair Follicle's. If you have done your research you have seen testimonials all over the Web as Well as the DATELINE Special on THE FOLLICLE 5. While LLLT has proven to work Very Well for the Majority of users some will experience varying results as with any Treatment.

We Manufacture Three Laser Wands. The Laser Wand 675 Incorporates 4 Laser that Bathe your head with its gentle Beam Or The Laser Wand 875 Which Boasts 8 Rapid fire Laser for the Greatest coverage available On any Hand Held Unit! The Laserwand Bella Facial for Acne and wrinkles. O.K., Ready to order? Here's how! Just go to the BUY NOW! Page and click the button next to the Laser Wand you want and we ship in TWO days!

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